1. 10 Awesome creative event entertainment ideas

10 Awesome creative event entertainment ideas

Over the years, planners, clients, and colleagues often ask me for some creative entertainment ideas for their events. Whether you are responsible for corporate holiday planning, trade show booth ideas, brand activation event or if you are throwing a social party it can be an overwhelming job to take on creative event entertainment as well.

No one wants to attend the same type of boring event they’ve already attended numerous times in the past. At Markable we really take the effort to understand your guest profile and with careful research, we help you to really spice up your next event and make it something everyone will remember for a long time to come.

When it comes to corporate events, Marketing Managers always want an events company that can do it all. Someone, who will deliver tailor-made occasions that bring their guests closer to their brand through unforgettable experiences and lasting relationships.

That’s why we’ve compiled our top list with 10 creative, new and sometimes wacky event ideas to set the mood at your next event! So here they are:

1. Book an iPad magician who composes his photos digitally on an iPad right in front of your eyes. They can even personalize the backdrop to reflect the company or event. This can be a great digital souvenir for the guests to take home.




2.Hire a caricature artist to draw personalized sketches of each employee at the company. These are fun souvenirs as well.

3.It might be the obvious first choice, as photo booths are all the rage nowadays. But that’s because they work. Get creative with them by branding the prints, adding props or backdrops. Highly shareable and great for colleague bonding. Get some good information here. Go practice that selfie-face.

4.Leave the creative event to another person entirely. A comedy waitress will blend in nicely with the rest of the catering team until people start to notice how clumsy he actually is. Order yourself a night filled with laughter!

5.Hire a classical music orchestra to play at the event. You will need to consider space requirements for this type of an act, but that will add a touch of class and glamor to your next event.



6.Booking a Cirque act is a great idea when the event needs something remarkable or to get a buzz going. Make sure you can accommodate for space some of the cirque acts require.

7.A speed painter is not someone you get to replace your photographer. It’s a performer that can engage your crowd with his own form of entertainment. Make the painting about your brand or let it deliver a message.

8.How about an ice sculptor who can sculpt the company logo or a corporate message live while people watch it being carved.

9.You could have your employees put on the entertainment by having a talent show and getting everyone in the company involved including the CEO. You will want to record this so everyone can watch it later on, or you may even want to send them all home with a copy, or email it to them afterward. You could also post them on YouTube for all to comment on.

10.At least but not last you can release your audience’s inner child and play a game. Current gaming consoles like Xbox and Wifi have such a wide range of fun, educational and entertaining games to strengthen a group bond. They may not be directly relatable to the subject of your event, but hey, don’t we all just like a bit of fun every now and then?

Finally, the best way to guarantee a creative entertainment experience is to have the performer or performers customize their acts to your event or meeting. This creates memorable experience guests are sure to remember for a long time. Don’t let the classic format limit your creativity, the key to a successful event is to keep your audience entertained and involved.

At Markable we offer many corporate event entertainment ideas that will help you really stand out. Over the years, our team has artfully executed events for our clients that have stayed true to the message and environment, complimenting their corporate culture and providing total project accountability.

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