1. GITEX again!

GITEX again!

Some of you most probably had an opportunity to read my last year article about GITEX and my first experience with this exhibition, so I thought will be a good idea to share with you my experience in 2018.

So, this is how was started.

Friday morning, 4th October, all Markable team at DWTC and party was about to start for the next 48h. When I say party, I mean running around figuring out on which entrance equipment will be offloaded, where is the branding that we print last night after a client decides to do some changes in the last minute, why this chair is here and so on… Yeah, for someone from outside this might look like a mess but its’ just a “normal day in the office.”


This time we had twice more clients, a bigger team and precious experience from 2017. So trust me when I say – the last one was crucial.



Saturday night, all exhibition stands up, clean and shine, marketing material distributed, branding on the place and we are just seating there, eating our shawarma, happy that job is done


The first day of the exhibition…


Sunday came, thousands of people mingling around, I am coordinating an army of promoters and praying to God to nothing wrong happen because still can’t believe that everything went so smooth. Photographer taking shots- checked, Kaspersky gets last delivery of brochures- checked, Veeam TV screens working – checked, Tenable promoters on the place, Sigfox – checked, what I forget? Business cards, of course. I am running through halls to Ca Automic booth, taking my business cards, saying hi to clients on the way – all smiling, all good. This is my lucky day.



I don’t know how most of you, my colleagues, pitching clients, but the reason I like exhibitions is that I can show them my work. So, I start walking around, greeting people – IT community in Dubai it’s quite big but once you get in you are in. Everybody knows everyone. Long story short, four days after, couple more new clients, a lot of new things I learned and one more GITEX older. Yes, I started counting my years here from GITEX to GITEX, because let’s be honest, it was, and it is one of the most significant and most visited exhibitions in DWTC.



This year I was positively surprised by the number of startups, together with new ideas and launching products I saw. A lot of young, smart people with incredible energy came here to show the world what they can and what they will do. Make me smile; I think it’s started with my generation, dream big – because why not. Moreover, it’s so true; you can do everything, idea, a good plan, and fully dedication – after, the sky is the limit, and today even that is not the last stop.

Took a couple of photos, here and there, get some ideas for the future projects, met a lot of new, interesting people, learn from them and get inspired for the next 365 days until GITEX 2019.


Awesome, so what is the next?