Corporate Events

If you’re overwhelmed with planning a corporate event or brand activation, we are here to offer our expertise in corporate event management across the region. Markable helps you clearly define your event goals and objectives for a seamless event with outstanding results.

Our specialists know exactly how to assist you in planning and developing your event from the very beginning all the way through it. We work closely with our clients to deliver carefully crafted design and a strong marketing message.

Our industry-leading professional planners will develop a program by researching objectives, locations, vendors and event design to produce a creative, cost-effective and goal-oriented proposal to our clients.


Using the correct POS at events is vital. In a highly competitive environment, we understand the need to differentiate your product from the crowd and attract consumer attention.

At Markable, we offer our customers a wide range of innovative design and production solutions for their own unique products. Our Point of Sale (POS) and Point of Merchandising (POM) displays are designed to meet specific marketing objectives that use both structural and graphic design to maximise brand impact and drive increased sales.

We offer a totally integrated service which includes the design, manufacture, packing and distribution of your POS & POM displays. Ensuring that all our packaging solutions are finished to high standards, we allow our clients to present themselves professionally and purposefully at any event.

Exhibition Stands

We know that every brand is different and our clients want to look their very best when they exhibit. That’s why our exhibition stands are always unique for every client and occasion. The aim is to help you stand out in the exhibition hall and showcase your brand successfully.

Markable designs exhibition stands with flexibility and reconfiguration in mind. As well as being high impact, they are designed ergonomically to ensure that everything is in the right place and functions perfectly in tandem with the aesthetics.

Our exhibition stands make it easy to adapt to our clients’ changing needs, locations and exhibiting schedules because creating engaging, custom-designed exhibition stands is what we do.


Markable believes that by activating your brand, you activate your audience. Brand activations are about coming out to your audience and letting them know in a memorable way who you are and why they should support you.

We design, build and deliver holistic activation solutions that enhance your promotional activities. Our contemporary designed display kits effectively influence your consumer’s behaviour and turn them into buyers. With the right choice of activation that stimulates promotional displays and consumer engagement, your brand can reach out to the right target audience.

Working closely with you, we strive to deliver campaigns that drive consumer engagement and awareness, turning people into fans and ultimately into ambassadors.

Marketing Materials

Marketing material is proven to help you connect patrons and participants with your event. Not only is it effective marketing tool but also elevates brand goodwill, living and being utilized in the many offices and homes long after your event is over.

At Markable, we strive to become one with your business needs especially when it comes to providing memorable marketing material that is perfect for your occasion. We oversee the entire process from planning and design production and distribution of custom-made ideas.

Every element of the design application is carefully considered, taking into account your brand personality, compliance, guidelines and your key messages.

A/V Services

You can count on Markable to bring your event vision to life. As your exclusive one stop supplier for all technical production elements, we help awaken your event’s potential through excellent event production that leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

By specialising in bespoke audio-visual effects, lighting, staging solutions, event rigging and overall event production, we can take care of all the technical aspects of your event, no matter how big or small.

Our in house AV rental selection is one of the most extensive in the region, ensuring that your event provides an out of the world experience for your entire audience to see, hear and interact with.